An oppo A15s For You Home Or Office

With the best in facial recognition technology, OPPO gives you the chance to be more creative with your pictures. With its Aesthetic Beauty Photo System, an innovative feature lets you retouch your picture in the comfort of your home. Through OPPO’s Self-generated Front AI Beautification, OPPO delivers your most unique beauty in each self-shot. By selecting from a variety of skin tones and facial structures, OPPO Aesthetic Photo System perfectly crafts your perfect facial expression. Capture the smallest details in rich clarity from afar, even as far as 4 inches. With an astounding resolution of 5 megapixels, OPPO delivers the clearest skin tones in bright detail.

The OPPO A 15s is a revolutionary phone that oppo a15s offers users all the features they would expect from today’s modern smartphones, but also takes advantage of some novel technologies to make its use more enjoyable. As one of the latest devices in the smartphone market, OPPO has obviously spent a lot of time and research on its development. Whether you are looking for features like quick uploads to YouTube or built-in Bluetooth on the PDA, here is everything you should know about the OPPO A series.

The OPPO A series is equipped with fourGB of storage space and can easily download information to your device in just a matter of seconds. What’s even more impressive is that OPPO uses their own sophisticated four-core processor to enable all of this. This ensures that each photo or file transfer is handled by the dedicated A processors, which means better quality as well as faster performance. This A series phone also features a front-facing two megapixel camera and a five megapixel resolution digital camera with auto focusing as well as manual focus.

In addition to all the above features, the OPPO A series also comes with four gigabytes of internal memory and a micro SD slot for expansion. This means that OPPO is perfectly capable of supporting all the standard Android applications on the market right now. If you are interested in downloading and running some of these apps, then you will be happy to know that the A series has been designed so this is actually possible. The four gigabyte internal memory is there for ensuring smooth multitasking on the phone. The micro SD slot enables the user to add extra media files, such as music and movies.

The OPPO A series also features a two mega pixels color camera which is capable of taking high definition images. This is great news for people who are more interested in taking better pictures than other people. The OPPO A series image is for illustration purposes only. The handset does not have a large number of features, but the ones it does come with are quite useful. Users can enjoy the following features with the OPPO A series:

The OPPO A series is not the only handset from OPPO which offers this kind of facial recognition facility. The Oppo N-series for example offers an enhanced level of facial recognition which has nearly three times the accuracy of the OPPO A series. The Oppo A15s image is for illustration purpose only. Actual image may vary.